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Prices are subject to change if not already enumerated in a Signed Proposal. 

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Christening Celebrations 

$35/person Special

For those celebrating the Christening of their child, we would like to offer the following for events that are booked within 6 weeks of today's date:

  • Four Hour Private Room on a Sunday (start times are flexible)
  • Fresh White Rose Centerpiece
  • Family Style Meal
  • Two and one half hour Branded Bar
  • Sales Taxes

For example, a... 

  • 50 guest reception, $1,750;
  • 75 guest reception, $2,625;
  • 100 guest reception, $3,500;
  • 150 guest reception, $5,250;
  • 200 guest reception, $7,000; or
  • 250 guest reception, $8,750, etc.

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