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Fun Food Facts:

The question that I get a lot lately is ... so what kind of food do you serve, Italian, Greek, Polish, American?

Short answer is: American.

Long answer is: American with European influences prepared by authentic Polish chefs. And the longer that I am in the food business, the more I learn about the influences individual European countries have had on other nations' food tastes.  Over the last 1000 years, borders in Europe have changed many times over. In fact, Poland ceased to exist on maps 3 different times over the years, although at one point Poland was one of the largest countries in Europe (circa 1400 A.D.) stretching from the Baltic Sea to the Black Sea.

Comparing individual items:

  • our housemade dumplings are the same as Poland's kopytka (or kluski) which are the same as the Italian gnocchi;
  • our breaded pork cutlet are the same as Poland's kotlet schabowy which are the same as the Italian cotoletta alla Milanese (special thanks to Eric Sylvers from the Wall Street Journal for a fun food guide on Cutlets in the October 10, 2015 edition) - like Da Martino in Milan, we use pork rather than veal to keep our costs reasonable. And is very similar to the German Weinersnitzel;
  • our beef roulade are the same as Poland's zrazy wołowe which are the same as the German rouladen;
  • our Polish pierogis are the same as the Italian raviolis (the only difference is the filling) which are the same as the Chinese potstickers;
  • our stuffed cabbage rolls are Polish gołabki which is the same as sarma in many other eastern European lands; it is also found in Greece.


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Family Style Menu at the Mayor’s Mansion

When you think Chicago – you think food. And our family style meals are designed to guarantee that no one will leave hungry!

Soup – First Course

(Choose one from the following:)

Chicken Noodle or RicePickleCream of Broccolli
Beef Noodle or RiceTomatoCream of Chicken
MinestroneBarleyCream of Mushroom

Salads – Second Course

(Choose one from the following:)

Fresh Garden Salad served with French, Italian & Ranch dressings

Caesar Salad served with creamy Caesar dressing on the side

Entrees – Main Course

(Choose three from the following:)

Roast Beef in Gravy or VesuvioBreaded Pork Cutlet

Chicken Parmesan

Beef RouladeBaked Ham in Horseradish SauceChicken Piccata
Beef GoulashRoast Pork Loin in GravyChicken Rakoci
Braised BeefMeatballs in Mushroom or Dill GravyChicken...
Italian Sausage with Peppers & OnionsFresh Polish Sausage with Onions         Cordon Bleu, Florentine, Devon, Kiev

Stuffed Cabbage RollsBaked Chicken (Traditional or Vesuvio)

Fried Chicken

Vegetarian Options

Ratatouille           Pierogi Platter   


Starches - Main CourseVegetables - Main Course
(Choose two fromthe following)
(Choose two from
the following)
Real Mashed PotatoesGerman PotatoesCOLDHOT
Garlic Mashed PotatoesHousemade DumplingsCreamy ColeslawLemon Garlic Broccoli
Roasted Baby Red PotatoesPotato DumplingsSliced Beets with OnionsCalifornia Blend
Buttered Potato QuartersDumpling BreadBroccoli & Cauliflower SaladCreamed Peas & Carrots

Wild Rice BlendThree Bean SaladButtered Sweet Corn


Additional Starches: Pastas & Sauces

Pastas: Gnocchi, Mostaccioli, Fettuccini, Linguini, Angel Hair, Spaghetti                                                                

Sauces: Aglio Olio, Alfredo, Arrabiata, Marinara, Pomodoro, Tomato Cream, Vodka Sauce

Desserts – Final Course 

​(Choose one from the following:)

Vanilla Ice Cream                   Strawberry Ice Cream                    Chocolate Ice Cream                       Sherbet

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